Dienstag, 17. Dezember 2013

Ticino with the bavarian team

After endless weeks of school I finally left for an amazing rocktrip to Ticino with the Bavarian Climbingteam.

We woke up on Sunday and it was raining. Argh… but we found some dry rocks in Nivo bassa, Chironico. There are about 10 dry boulder problems, for one day it’s ok.
We had some hope for moday and the rest of the week but .. ehm no – no good weather for us. I think there is a curse over this crew, because every time we go on a trip we have bad weather. : (
Monday we walked through Pease, Chironico in the morning and dried some stuff in the afternoon. The conditions were so bad, but we were so happy to have some stuff to climb.

On Tuesday we drove to Brione. Unfortunately there was nothing dry, so we had a restday and walked round Brione and looked at the boulders and the great nature there. It’s such a lovely and nice place!! Afterwards we visited the dam there. It’s soooooooo big. Was so funny watching some paperplanes making their way to the ground. :D

Wednesday it was sunny!!!!  Finally. Centrale, Chironico was the place to be.  I tried Birds FB 7C, but someone broke a hold and it’s harder now. I didn’t found a solution. In the evening we went to Virtruvian Man FB 7C, but someone chipped it and it’s only FB 7A now.

Thursday it was time for my old project Dr Crimp FB 7C or FB 7B+, got downgraded I suppose. Had some good tries but my skin started to hurt so I couldn’t finish it, again! So I have to come back and do it.

Friday was our last climbing day. That day we went to Brione again, but this time for some climbing! I felt really weak that day, three days of climbing in a row is too much for me. Was funny trying some easier boulder. : )

I was quite sad when we left on Saturday. This was such a crazy time. And I’m quite proud of my ticklist which is quite long for all those rain days.

… FB 7B+ (next to Aktifit)
Senza denti FB 7B 
… FB 7B
Bella gnocca FB 7B
Triade extended FB 7A+
Hopper FB 7A flash
Triade FB 7A
Professor Bambèla FB 7A
Globetrotter FB 7A
Virtruvian Man FB 7A chipped
Aktifit FB 7A
… FB 7A

I will miss making pancakes for them every day! I will miss playing Ligretto! I will misstheir jokes! Jep, I’m sure I will miss all those guys!

I’m looking forward to get the “mondo madden” ready, put them in the car and go on another amazing trip.

see you soon <3

Montag, 16. September 2013

Summer 2013

The first trip of my summer holidays was to Rodellar, Spain. It was just a short trip for about one week, but it was wonderful there. The time there was not coined by climbing hard stuff (because of no endurance), it was more about having fun and relax. The climbing area there is a paradise, I really enjoyed it.

But we had to leave because my best friend Lena and I were nominated for the Boulder Worldcup in Munich. I was super psyched to compete in a Worldcup again. It was the last one for this year but I really hope I’m allowed to climb some next year again. Watching the finals always makes me so motivated for training.

It was also the last competition for this year, so time for ROCKCLIMBING!!!!!!

Slip Slap Slop FB 7A

So Lena and I throw all the stuff we need in the car and made our way to Magic Wood, Suisse.

For Lena it was the first time bouldering outside, but she did very well!
Grit de Luxe FB 7B
She just did lots of the problems, I showed her, very fast and easily. Also she was really fast in climbing Supernova FB 7C.
She only had problems with the mantles. :D

I think she should occasionally go outside for bouldering with me!
Supernova FB 7C

After million tries I was also able to send Supernova, my second 7C boulder!!! This made me super happy!!!

The best thing about going to Magic Wood is that you meet so many great people there. But the Camping has some problems maybe they have to close the camping and ban bouldering.  Look at this! 

So please be kind to the woods and don’t let them take away this perfect playground!

Photo: Tobias Diedler
Photo: Tobias Diedler

The last big event of this summer was the Adidas Rockstars last weekend. I was a super funny event especially the Build your Boulder Competition. I was setting a quit funny run and jump boulder with Alex Huber. Unfortunately I hurt my knee in the qualifiers so walking and climbing was very hard and painful, but it got better with every hour. Don’t know if it really got better or I just got more resistant. 

Photo: C. Waldegger

It was a great conclusion of my summer and I realized once again that the whole climbing community is just awesome! So many nice, different and funny people on one spot.

Which hold is better? : ) Photo: C. Waldegger
Setting with Alex Huber, Photo: E. Holzknecht

Lena <3 Photo: E.Holzknecht

Now it’s getting cold, winter is coming! But please summer stay a little longer you have been so amazing!

Thank you guys, especially Lena, for making this summer so special! It was probably the best of my life!


Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2013

Outdoor 2013

So the last German Boulder Cup is over and it was at any rate the best competition of this year!

Semis on Friday were a little bit too easy, so eight athletes flashed all four problems, me too.

I was really happy to make the semis for the first time of this year. I knew this will be the best result of this year so I could climb relaxed without any pressure. And this is the best situation to climb. The first problem I could do in the second attempt after I fall of the top hold in the first one. The second one was a jump and I’m normally good in jumps but I couldn’t do that one despite million tries. The third one with volumes, which are usually not my style but I could manage to get to the bonus hold in the second try and then was there with a volume in my arms and I just thought “please retain, please retain, I love you volume, pleeeeeeease retain!” and my thoughts were heard so I stayed at the wall and could do boulder three.  The last problem was hard, I could make the bonus but I fall of one centimeter among the top hold. But two boulders in four were enough to make it to the finales. I was so prosperous!

The finales were also four boulders. The first one was with a jump and some slopers, where I fall of three times at the top hold. The second one was a slab, which was wobbly but not so hard, I could flash it. The third one was so difficult I couldn’t even make a bonus there. And the last one was with some volumes where I couldn’t do the top, but I was very close to it.
So in the end I got fourth, which is compared to my last results very, very good. The overall ranking I finished in 9th place.
Also I could win the junior competition. And so I got German Youth Boulder Champion four the third time. Hattrick!!!!

On Sunday there was the high jump contest where I got second last year. It is always a great competition. I started struggling at about 1,90m and there were some levels I only could do in the third try but I kept nerves and did them in the third try. So when we reached 2,06m we just were three girls left, Lena Herrmann who won last year, Patricia Holzmann and me. Pati and I did the 2,06m but Lena couldn’t so we were to girls left. We battled until we came to 2,11m. We both had two unsuccessful tries, Pati also couldn’t do it in her last try, but when I left the startholds there came two wings out of my back and I could get to the tophold. Haha, just kidding no wings but I could do 2,11m and won the high jump contest. But competition wasn’t over for me I was allowed to try beating the world record which is 2,17m so I had to try 2,19m. The first time I stood at the startholds the tophold seemed so far away, but in the first try I could touch the hold, but I need to keep it. So second go was better just 1 cm missing, I was so close. I put everything in the third try where I was close to keep the tophold but I couldn’t and fell off. I was so fucking close to this world record, but yes have to try next year.

Quite stressful weekend but I also had time to visit lots of friends at the exhibition. Was just less time than last year, because of the competition, but it was great to see you! :D

And then by the way thanks to the Boulderwelt Team who encouraged me at the comp. And a very special thanks to my best friend Lena which screamed the loudest in the final!

But yeah, thanks to everybody this weekend was AMAZING!!!!

Samstag, 1. Juni 2013

Back in the Game

Five months of silence, but ehm..  I’m still alive!

After I didn’t made it into the semifinals in the first German Bouldercup I was so annoyed and didn’t want to wright Blogs anymore. But this time is over! Unfortunately my English skills are as bad as before so sorry for mistakes or whatever ; )

National Team Training Troisdorf

Pema and Me ♥
National Team Training Boulderwelt Frankfurt

National Team Training Boulderwelt Frankfurt

Big Fat Bouldersession
Boulderwelt München

Big Fat Bouldersession
Boulderwelt München

Day of the Boulder
Boulderwelt Regensburg

Big Fat Bouldersession Finale
Boulderwelt München
Big Fat Bouldersession Finale
Boulderwelt München
Big Fat Bouldersession Finale
Boulderwelt München

I was so happy about the permission to start the worldcups in Kitzbühel, Log Dragomer and Innsbruck. I was very motivated, but the upbeat in Kitzbühel became a nightmare. My only aim was to don’t get last, but I missed that aim. It felt like the other climbers are so much better and a worlcup is really not a place for me. This was very frustrating.
So two weeks later I drove to Slovenia. I came there aimless to don’t get frustrated again. It is so different to compete in a country where you really have no idea what they are talking about. After doing one bonus in one I got 49th from 51 female climbers. So happy NOT last again! I had the feeling that I’m not that far away from the other climbers.
The next weekend I could check if I was just unlucky in Kitzbühel or lucky in Log Dragomer. Innsbruck was calling. Was really nervous before the Qualifications, but I came out and could flash the first problem. This was so amazing! In the end I got 47th of 55. Got better in every competition now I’m really psyched for the last Boulderworldcup in Munich in august!
Lena and Me in the crowd in Kitzbühel

Also congrats to my teammates Juliane Wurm and Jan Hojer which both won their first Boulderworldcup! German double win! LEGENDARY!!!!!

On Thursday trainings session with the best girl! Happy to see her again :D

Samstag, 29. Dezember 2012

End of the Year 2012

Only few days left in 2012. So let’s sum up this year.

 It started with a dislocated elbow but went on with winning the title in German Youth Championships in Bouldering. Also I climbed my first 7c+ called Hitch Hike the Plane. I also liked climbing at the European Youth Cups in Grindelwald and l’Argentiere and at the Worldcup in Munich.

After the competitions I had an amazing week at Magic Wood. My second rocktrip this year was to Mallorca with the Bavarian Team which was also amazing.

Before this year ends I hope you had merry Chrismas. Happy New Year to all of you see you next year ;)

On Sunday I go skiing and then I take the train my best girl Lena. We will start in the New Year together. :D

Sorry for writing mistakes in my Posts, my english is not the best, but I hope you understand the Posts. ; )

Samstag, 24. November 2012



Let’s get the new season started, but first up to mallorca for a climbing trip.
We left snowy Germany on Sunday the october 28th by plane. It was the first flight in my life so I was very excited. After an two houres flight we reached Palma. There it was sunny and about 20 degrees warmer than in Germany. After searching the car rental we went our way westward towards Andratx. As we reached our appartments we had to push and pull beds from one room to another because the room distribution didn´t match with girls an boys. At the end we were 5 girls who had to share an appartment for 3 persons. Just after we had finished we went having dinner next to our pensions. At the first day we went of course to the sea side and watched the waves. Going to sleep was really hard because of those curious blankeds, some of us understood the system, some didn’t.

The next morning we went searching the rocks. After being completly wrong we luckily found them. The first climbing area called Fraguel was really nice. Everyone had to get used to the rocks and the style but we all enjoyed our first day of climbing.
The second climbing day we went to Les Perxes. There you have a big roof with lots of hard routes. and a smaler wall overhanging so there was no problem that it started to rain. But with the rain it became cold so we packed our things and went home.
On Wednesday we were at a little climbing spot called L’Estret, it was very cold and windy, but that day everyone was very strong. Pema could do her first 8a, so strong. and nearly all of the boys flashed one or two 8as. Sophia flashed a 7b+ and I could do a hard 7a+ in the second go. I was very pumped at the end and I couldn’t feel my fingers, no mather I was so happy. In the evening we relaxed, went to the sea and played Ligretto (Cardgame, you have to be very fast to win). From this time Ligretto was played every evening all night long ;).

Thursday we had a day off. A day without climbing, yes, but never without sport. We had a circuit training on the playground. The rest of the day we spentat the beach and in the sea.
Thursday we had a day off. A day without climbing, yes, but never without sport. We had a circuit training on the playground. The rest of the day we spentat the beach and in the sea.

Friday we went the long way to Gorge blau. The rock was a little bit wet, so we couldn‘t do half of the routes, but there was one 7b , which had been dry and amazing. Everyone did it and liked it. In the flash I was close to the top, had done all the hard moves and then one of the last holds came out and the flash was gone. I could do it easily in the second attempt. The boys checked out the 35m wall which looked impressive.

On saturday the weather was ok , the waves were not to high , so we could go deep water soloing in Cala Barques. First it was really scary to climb over the water, but after the first time you had jumped you´ve lost your fear. DWS is so amazing, when you fall you swimm 5m and try again.

The last day we went to a climbing area between our appartments and the airport. We just did easy things because we were tired of DWS the last day. Then we went to the airport, checked in and left Mallorca.

This holiday was very, very beautiful.